Social Media Giveaway!! -Winners Announced!


In honor of World Down Syndrome Day, we are giving away two AMAZING sets of books! These books are great for little ones and adults to learn just a bit more about Down Syndrome! They are kid friendly, with pictures and cute characters, but they help them understand that people with Down Syndrome are just like them!!

There are TWO ways to win a set! You can win through Instagram and Facebook! Make sure you’re following both pages to see future giveaways and other special surprises!!

Help us celebrate World Down Syndrome Day!!

Wear your crazy socks today to help us celebrate! Tag us on Instagram and make sure you use the hashtag #WDSDKaitplus2 so we can see! We can’t wait to see everyone’s fun socks and all the support!!


Love you all!

SignatureCongratulations to our winners Brenda Kelly and Lindsay Bouronich! I hope you both enjoy the books as much as Thomas and I have!!

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**If you’d like to help out some great organizations for World Down Syndrome Day,  visit my Helpful Links page! I have links to wonderful non-profits where you can donate or even just learn more about Down Syndrome so you can help educate and advocate! Thank you for all your support!

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