Navigating Through This Epidemic

Only the vulnerable will be at risk, but your vulnerable is my everything.


With everything going on right now, it’s really hard to feel like we can catch our breath. Things are ever changing with Covid-19 running rampant, and people continuing to get sick. It just doesn’t seem like there is an end in sight for all of us right now.

As a special needs momma, I find myself becoming increasingly irritated with people who don’t seem to be catching the hint that this is very serious. Serious for the average, healthy person, serious for their elderly grandparents, serious for their immuno-compromised neighbor, serious for me and my child. The unfortunate thing about this virus is that, like the flu, it could land my child in the hospital, but it could also kill him. Incredibly quickly. I’m not ready to lose my child that I fought hard to get here, and that I still fight hard for. Another unfortunate thing about this virus is that it’s making healthcare workers decide whether or not someone will live or die. Which is a horrendous thing for people that have taken a vow to heal us. If my sweet boy got this illness, needed a ventilator or some other life saving machine, he may not be granted it because he has Down syndrome.

Now, our Down syndrome associations and several world wide disability groups are fighting the battles with the government to keep that from happening. It has been a hard fight, and it will continue to be a fight that has to be addressed as we live to prove that children like Thomas, and children and people with other disabilities, are worth saving. They are precious and deserve to be protected.

I’m hoping that people can see that parents of children with disabilities are fighting harder than we normally do to keep our children safe. This handwashing and keeping things clean, is our normal. Disinfecting things to keep Thomas from getting sick, washing my hands ten thousand times a day, not coughing or sneezing into my hands… This novel concept to some is an everyday routine for the people in my community, because even the smallest virus could put us in the hospital for a week.

Please be mindful during these trying times. If you see a special needs mom out, wave from afar or smile and say hi, but stay over there. We don’t love you any less, we just love our children more.

Thomas is why I fight. Photo by Capturing Life Photography

Love you all,

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