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As much as I hate it, since having Thomas I’ve gained more weight than I’ve wanted. I already track my calories via the LoseIt! app, but even though I eat within my calories I’m still eating bad-for-you foods. I’m going to start with a 30-day challenge. Not anything in particular, just cutting out processed sugars, sodas, just overall junk. I’m going to commit to drinking more than 64oz of water per day and getting in at least 30 minutes of exercise daily. I’ll keep a log under this tab for every day of the challenge.

I’ll post my “before and afters” in a conclusion of the 30 day challenge. This page and the posts under this page are to help me stay accountable and for me to track my progress. I’m really hoping that this one challenge will help me make a healthier lifestyle and that I’ll be able to keep it up.

If you’re interested in taking this journey with me, reach out to me via Instagram or Facebook! I’ll be happy to be your buddy and it’ll help us both stay accountable!

Love you all,

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